PLAYLIST | Metal Songs to Start Your Winter


by Nick

Now with the seasons changing and winter dawning on us, I figured this would be an appropriate playlist to make. A link to a Spotify playlist will be at the bottom, on top I’ve included my thoughts on a few highlights. Expect black metal.


Agalloch – “Falling Snow”

Well, considering the song title I figured this would be the best way to start to list. Agalloch is a band more people need to know about and The Mantle has been my favorite album since I got into it–Ashes Against the Grain is also very high on my list. When I listen to this specific album (Ashes Against the Grain), I always visualise the changing of seasons from autumn to winter, from the leaves changing to the first snowfalls.


Woods of Ypres – “The Northern Cold”

If you’ve never listened to Woods of Ypres before, I don’t recommend starting with this album, go for Woods V: Grey Skies and Electric Light and work your way back in their discography from there. This is a band that will endlessly evoke intense emotions–especially their final album. I feel that this album (Woods III: Deepest Roots and Darkest Blues) has more of an aggressive sound that other albums of theirs. I feel like this song musically portrays being abandoned in a harsh blizzard.


Wintersun – “Sons of Winter and Stars”

This entire album will get you into the vibe of epicly soaring through a blizzard on a dragon or something like that. I can guarantee that after listening to this 13 minute epic, you will be chanting “We are the Sons of Winter and Stars, we ́ve come from a far beyond time, forever the fire burns in our hearts, our world shall never die! In the arms of the wind we ride till dawn, as the waves of the ocean grind so strong, we wander in the stars until we ́re gone our fate is sealed by eternal sun!” in your head (or out loud I suppose) for weeks. If they come to your town, do not miss them! They are one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen.


15 song including these three highlights in the playlist below. I may end up adding more, follow the playlist and my personal profile to see what I’m listening to!

Metal Songs to Start Your Winter!

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