LIVE AT THE GARAGE | 11/9: The Story So Far, Stick to Your Guns, Such Gold, more


by Meghan

At Saturday’s Live Nation show, Such Gold had one of the calmer sets of the night with a cross between a punk rock sound and pop punk vocals. They had a few smaller mosh pits start, but for the most part the crowd was calmer – singing along, jumping up and down, and having a great time. One of the cool things about their set was they played some of their newest songs off upcoming albums.

The fourth and by far the craziest crowd of the night was for Stick To Your Guns’ set. They’re an American metalcore band; and they had the entire crowd involved: singing along with every song, the entire venue from wall to wall formed a few huge mosh pits, it was madness.

Finally, the one everyone’s been waiting for, The Story So Far. They’re a pop-punk band from California who really knows how to interact with a large crowd. They had everyone involved – singing, dancing, jumping, and moshing. To the crowd’s delight, after their “last song” they came back for two more encores. The whole tour was a huge success at THE GARAGE for them with the show being completely 100% sold out packed from wall to wall and everyone involved.

My photos and video shot by Rico and his team below.



Stick to Your Guns – “We Still Believe”


The Story So Far – “State and Minds” & “Roam”



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