PLAYLIST | Clearing the fog for National Novel Writing Month


by Sararosa

This month I have chosen to embark on quite the journey, and as always I need a playlist to accompany me along for the ride.

I have decided to join the pack and pursue NaNoWriMo, otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month. In the next 4 weeks I am attempting to write a full 30,000 to 50,000 word novel. This means that I have to write about one thousand words per day, and sometimes (well, most of the time) it can be hard. Even in the first couple days, I find myself stuck trying to reach my word count goal.

The playlist that follows is the type of music that clears my mind from all the fog that words can create. As I was looking up the songs, I actually found out that the Peter Bjorn and John one was off an album called Writers Block! I’m not sure if that’s a bad omen or a good one, but I’m hoping it brings me words.

It’s altogether a soothing playlist, but also inspirational, especially for the days when you just can’t find anything to say. So to all my fellow NaNoWrimoers, good luck and I hope my playlist helps. Now stop procrastinating, and get back to those word-count goals!


Jeremy Messersmith – “Paper Moon #5”

Andrew Bird – “Night Sky”

Elliott Smith – “Angeles”

Watsky “Wounded Healer”

Peter Bjorn and John – “Amsterdam”

Brian Eno – “The Big Ship”

Lou Reed – “Romeo Had Juliette”

Tom Milsom – “Pipes”

Alt-J – “Something Good”

Cloud Cult – “You Were Born”


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