MANHATTAN MOSAIC | Behind the scenes


by Rachael

After a fairly uneventful week sprinkled with trips to SoHo and strangers in the park, I hadn’t much material for a post. That is, however, until yesterday, until the New York experience erupted all over me.

I awoke bright and early (at the crack of 11:30) and began my two-mile trek to Radio City Music Hall in an attempt to get tickets for the finale of America’s Got Talent. That’s right, I’m a Taylord. (And if you didn’t laugh at that joke, it’s probably because you don’t know what a duvet is.) Three tickets later I was blessed with a two-mile walk straight back to class. Luckily, my professor was exceptionally scatter-brained today and let us out an hour early, allowing me to cool down before heading all the way back to Radio City. Even with the spare time, a cab seemed like a good call.

My friends and I had excellent seats on the ground floor and were all shocked to learn that along with all of the contestants’ performances, we were also receiving a phenomenal set by the renowned Earth, Wind & Fire. Talk about a pleasant surprise. The show itself was fantastic as usual and it is always so compelling to see all of the behind the scenes, commercial breaks, and edits (i.e. the Earth, Wind & Fire performance was taped yesterday in front of us, but will not air until the results show tonight).

Filled with the mix of culture that you can only receive from a show like this (dance, comedy, magic, music) we left the venue where our trio turned into a duo. We slated for our train, but not before using the bathrooms inside the gorgeous New York Palace. Fun fact! Every hotel in NYC is legally obligated to allow you to use their restroom. Think about that next time you pass The Plaza. Hopping on the 6, a conversation distracted us and we wound up in Union Square. Missing our stop would have riled me, if it weren’t for the fact that Union Square houses the only Taco Bell in Lower Manhattan. Tummies teeming with tacos and bladders bursting with Baja Blast, we made our way north.

As if the night had not been lovely and shocking and utterly metropolitan, on our walk home, we managed to pass by a drunk, English ginger playing on the escalators in a Best Buy. Who else could it have been other than the infamous Ed Sheeran? Half us-approaching-him and half him-approaching-us, he flung open his arms for an embrace of fame and beer-breath, then scurried away toward a bar before we could snap any photos.

Finally we made it back to our cozy, calm, and comfortable area of Gramercy, leaving future adventures to be discovered at future times.

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