LIVE AT THE GARAGE | Friday the 13th pop-punk storm

2013-09-13 22.24.56

It was Friday the 13th, but nowhere in the building did evil lurk. The ten band lineup featured Children 18:3, Silverline, ChugChugWob, Triple Stitch, Agony of Apathy, 2 Timothy, Odds of an Afterthought, Farsighted, Ryan Michael Forte, and To Be a Man. As if that weren’t enough, Children 18:3 used our big new stage to shoot a video for “All in Your Head.”

GARAGE MUSIC NEWS snagged some photos of the show:

To Be a Man



Ryan Michael Forte


2 Timothy


Odds of an Afterthought


Triple Stitch


Agony of Apathy






Children 18:3

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