INTERVIEW | Apollos: Post-rock up-and-comers


by Andrew

ED Note: Also read Andrew’s profile of Apollos here.

Apollos is an up and coming post-rock band based in St. Paul that was started back in 2011.  THA GARAGE got in touch with the lead singer, Seth Bostrom, to get the latest info about their new EP “Ethos,” which is set to be released September 10th, and to hear about their story so far as they rise in the local scene.


THE GARAGE: How did Apollos begin?
Seth: Apollos began in the fall of 2011. I had the idea for a project like this for a while and it was tough to get the right band at first. But, we started writing during that fall and winter and released our first EP in July of 2012.


THE GARAGE: Why are you called Apollos?

Seth: It’s a combination of things, but it’s pretty simple. Apollos was a Christian and teacher in the New Testament… he’s referenced a handful of times. He was known for being a teacher of grace. That resonated with me. At the same time, I’m a big space, sci-fi nerd. So Apollos sounded rad and it stuck with us.


THE GARAGE: Why do you choose to write post-rock music? Were there any other bands that have influenced your sound? Has your sound changed at all? 

Seth: Post-rock music never was super influential to me early on in my life because the nature of the style is crescendos and dynamics over a period of time. It’s like a landscape of music. I grew up listening to pop-punk music: Blink, Relient K, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, and a ton of other bands. So, catchy hooks and quick lyrics were what I was and I’m still into. But, post-rock grew on me. I started listening to The Ember Days three or four years ago; their Finger Painting EP helped shape my sound. Then I started listening to This Will Destroy You, Caspian, and other bands. The sounds they created sound amazing. That helped shape Apollos. So yes, our sound continually changes and we keep experimenting new sounds, pushing more boundaries.


THE GARAGE: What messages do you try and communicate through your lyrics? Does your message go beyond the lyrics and into the songwriting and sound? 

Seth: Our lyrics convey what we believe. So I’d encourage anyone who’s reading this to read our lyrics. The beauty of music is that it is an art. Lyrically, we can be poetic with instrumentation that emphasizes certain parts. But, like poetry, meaning can vary. However, we try to point people in the right direction. Like, the reality that we are not as big as we think as humans, and there is a God who cares about us; who isn’t distant, cold, and obsolete. But is very real, personal, and Creator of life. We have all the meaning in the world to write and create because of this truth.


THE GARAGE: When you think of your sound, what do you want your fans to hear?  

Seth: We want them to feel what we feel. The music is very dynamic. It builds, dives, turns, and hits hard. It’s also very emotional which has the potential to connect with everyone. We like to think that we create a wall of sound. A sound that is on a landscape which people can enter  into with us.


THE GARAGE: How has being in a band impacted you personally?

Seth: Playing music has been a passion of mine, and for the other guys in the band, for a long time. Music is interesting because it’s with us everyday. We hear it all the time in various ways. I think it’s a gift from God. And I think we’ll be enjoying music with God forever. So personally, I think being in a band has been an amazing opportunity and privilege. It communicates what I’m thinking, feeling, and doing in a unique way. It’s always growing and stretching me to be better at music and as a person.


THE GARAGE: What are your future plans for the band?

Seth: We’re hoping that this band can play around the country and hopefully the world. I mean, it’s a dream. But, we’d love to do it. We’re also looking into writing scores for film in the near future as well.


THE GARAGE:How is the new EP going?

Seth: The new EP is done! Super stoked for everyone to hear it! We’re planning to release it online, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc in September. We’re still working out all the details, but around September 10th, expect new music.



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