INTERVIEW | The Broken Are Crowned: Growth and new music


by Andrew

The Broken Are Crowned, billed as a “metal/hardcore/progressive” band, have become staples at THE GARAGE, playing its stages whenever given the chance. With a full-length album under their belts, The Broken Are Crowned are already back recording an EP.

On Friday, GARAGE MUSIC NEWS’ latest addition, Andrew, sat down with The Broken are Crowned to talk about their musical process and the upcoming EP.

The Broken Are Crowned:

Nick Stanger – Guitar / Vocals – 2009-Pr.

Mitchell Niemeyer – Drums – 2009-Pr.

Zach Chancellor – Lead Vocals – 2011-Pr.

Braeden Keenan – Bass / Vocals – 2011-Pr

(Nick, Zack, Mitchell present at interview.)


THE GARAGE: How is your EP going?

Mitchell:  The EP is going fantastic!  It is done being mixed and mastered and all the songs are great and they’re better than our album.

Zach:  I think it’s going good.  We went into the recording studio not expecting what we actually came out with, and everything just sounded perfect.  I’m really excited.

Nick:  I really enjoy the new songs a lot–they’re definitely a progression from our full-length album.  I think we just took a lot more time to actually think about what we’re doing when it came to the actual songwriting side of things, and everything for that matter.  Ultimately it just turned out better.  We’ve grown up, yo.


THE GARAGE: Are there any artists who have majorly influenced this EP? Who?

Nick:  I don’t really think of what artist I wanna write like, I think everything I listen to influences me to an extent and I’m sure that comes to play in our music quite a lot.

Zach:  I do have a personal influence:  Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence.  It’s not like I’m trying to sound like him but he’s just always influenced me in my music and I feel like everything I write just has a little influence of him in me.

Mitchell:  I don’t consciously think about who’s influencing me, but I definitely steal some tricks from other drummers.  Not in like a “Oh my God he’s copying that person” kind of way, but anything that’s kind of interesting I try and take that and make it my own.  My favorite drummer is James Cassells from Asking Alexandria, and Chris Adler from Lamb of God is another one.

Nick:  Tosin Abasi is pretty boss.  I listen to a lot of progressive metal bands and extreme metal bands, most of the bands I listen to fall into that category at least recently.  Some of my favorite artists are Tesseract, Meshuggah, and Cattle Decapitation.


THE GARAGE: What does your name mean to you? What do you want it to mean to your listeners?

Nick:  We were 8th graders when we thought of the band name.  We never really thought of what it meant to us–at least that’s what I get out of it.  It was kinda just like “hey that sounds pretty cool.”  We totally ripped it off of another song, but you know that’s cool too.

Zach:  I personally wasn’t in the band when we had the name, I got into it a little bit after.  I think of the name meaning someone who has had hardships finally receiving light upon their life, something good.  That’s what I take away from our name.

Mitchell:  I think that’s definitely how we meant it.  If we were to give the name a meaning that’s how we’d want it to be.  I personally think it sounds like you’re kinda talking about some corrupt person gaining power, which is kinda cheesy but I mean it’s whatever.  The name doesn’t really mean as much to me as the songs do.

Nick:  I agree with what Mitchell says but I’d take it both ways, it doesn’t really matter much to me.


THE GARAGE: How has your songwriting process changed since your last interview with us back in November of 2012?

Zach:  Our songwriting has definitely improved and we’ve all improved as musicians.  Compared to our album, everything sounds more fit and tight.

Mitchell:  We’ve all definitely gotten a lot better personally as musicians and it shows.  I know that kinda when we started it was like “this part of the song, and then the next part and the next part,” and now we’ve gotten better at transitions and making things different and more interesting.

Nick:  I think our new stuff is a lot more interesting to listen to and we’ve gotten a lot better with hooks in our songs.  We’ve created something that I think is unique and I’m proud of that.


THE GARAGE: Would you be interested in signing to a new label or continuing to release music yourselves? Why?

Nick:  Both definitely have their benefits.  I’m definitely more than open to the idea if a label came around and gave us a good and fair offer I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to that.  The good thing about being independent and such is you basically have complete control over everything, but there’s a lot to have control over and sometimes that can be overwhelming.  A label could definitely have its benefits.

Zach: I don’t know, I think the label idea if everything is right would be the best way to go, but as Nick said, this way we have a lot more freedom to choose what we want.


THE GARAGE: Do you have any shows coming up?

Zach: October 16th we have a show with…

Nick:  Tesseract!  Who has been my favorite band for quite a long time so I am quite excited about that.

Mitchell:  I’m pumped.

Nick:  We always keep our Facebook page updated with shows we have coming up, so keep in touch and we hope to see all your pretty faces at our upcoming shows.

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