Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Live Acts Right Now. Who should be added?


Photo by Jo Lopez

In Rolling Stone‘s latest listicle of the “50 Best Live Acts Right Now,” Bruce Springsteen took the number one spot as he so often does. Minnesota’s Price came in just behind the Boss at number two.

The rest of the list is a balance of new and old acts on the touring circuit. New darlings Alabama Shakes and Mumford & Sons rate at sixteen and forty-three. Hard rock heroes from 90s Rage Against the Machine and Tool are nine and forty-six. Queens of the Stone Age hold their ground at thirty-eight and the new, begoggled Skillex sits pretty at forty-two. Pop-punk mainstay Green Day sneaked in at forty-eight.

Each entry has a brief explanation and justification for the rating with a “showstopper” track that really makes the act’s live experience something otherworldly.

For Jack White’s number eight position it looks like this:

8. Jack White
Live, White will break out songs from his whole career, including cuts by White Stripes, the Raconteurs and the Dead Weather. Fans still miss Meg White on drums, but the old material sounds amazing fleshed out by a complete band, bassist and all.

Showstopper: The version of “Seven Nation Army” he plays at the end of most shows makes the original seem limp by comparison.

We applaud the inclusion of underappreciated acts like Tom Waits, but also I would certainly have shoehorned in Andrew WK, Muse, and a few others given the opportunity to put together my own list.

So what we at THE GARAGE are wondering is: who did Rolling Stone overlook? Who was robbed from a place in the “50 Best Live Acts Right Now?”

1 Comment on Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Live Acts Right Now. Who should be added?

  1. Crossfaith was outstanding this year on Warped. I’ve also seen them live on tour and I have to say; they are perfection! The band members are always pumped up, and they are the nicest crew I’ve ever came across.

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