Fine Line Music Cafe sold. Changes unclear.

Fine Line Minneapolis

by Rachael

August 6 will mark a rebirth and new era for Minneapolis’ Fine Line Music Cafe. The club has just announced that the talks of sale are true. Fine Line’s new ownership and management will be Entourage Events Group, who also operates Aqua Nightclub and Lounge.

With a thinner upcoming calendar than I’ve come to expect, what this means for Fine Line is still a bit unclear. From Twin Cities Business:

Wendy Schallock, executive manager of sales and events for the Entourage Events Group, said that Fine Line fans shouldn’t fret about changes to the club, but said that they are looking to draw more corporate event business.

“Our intention is to continue operating the historic Fine Line Music Café in the same kind of manner as it has been for the last 25 years,” said Schallock. “Our focus is to revitalize that section of First Avenue and ramp up the corporate appeal of that venue as well.”

Fine Line is one of the Twin Cities longest running music venues and was even voted the best local place to see a band before they make it big. So I worry about changes to Fine Line that could harm its contribution to music scene. We’ll just have to see.

Official statements are to be made next week on the Fine Line website.

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