LIVE AT THE GARAGE | Leo Presents: Misery Signals

by Rachael

This past Friday’s show (July 19) was a mash-up of signed bands passing through on tour and Minnesota’s own up-and-coming local acts. We’re talking Leo Presents: Misery Signals. The show featured ten bands (four on the tour and six local) and had a cost of only $15. The tour was put on to promote Absent Light, the new album from Misery Signals to be released next week.

The first band to play from the tour package, and one of my personal favorites from the show, was The Kindred. This eclectic six-piece features a frontman, two guitars, bass, drums, a keyboard, and a MacBook. Do not let the clean cut image of the vocalist misconstrue their sound. Just because he color coordinated his button-up to match his shoes does not mean he can’t wail. Positioned atop a scrap wood step stool, he towered over the crowd while shouting directly in their eager faces. When singer, David Journeaux, melded back with the band, they became a sea of head bangs and crabcore. All the more impressive than Journeaux’s reverberating screams, were his clean vocal falsettos. The band closed with their synth infused song “Heritage.” Half way through the song, David hopped the barricade, forced through the crowd, pounded his multi colored floor tom, and belted out the remainder of their set.

At the end of The Kindred’s set, I stepped into the crowd filled, unlit Lounge. Fog began rolling out, flood lights suddenly illuminated the stage, and When Glory Came Home appeared, each adorned with sunglasses – no doubt to protect from the shockingly bright lights they had set up. **As a fair warning to any epileptic fans out there, frenzied strobes are used often and intensified by the fog. You may want to skip the live show, and instead check out their new demo featuring “The Father, The Mother, and The Birth.”** Restricted by the dimensions of the Lounge stage, the five piece did what they could with what they had, and was met with enthusiastic jumps from the crowd. Nils Gustafson (vocals) made sure to constantly interact with the front few rows by passing on his sunglasses and stealing their snapbacks. Of the band, the most shocking element would have to be the voice of clear vocalist Drew Larson.

As the second headliner of the night, a large crowd was to be anticipated. The Color Morale had the Mainroom packed like sweaty, hardcore, sardines. Of the night, they had the largest, most energetic crowd. Singer Garret Rapp gave his sentiment to THE GARAGE, before perching on the monitors and starting a circle pit. The Color Morale is no newcomer to THE GARAGE, as this was their third stop here this year. This band’s live show features sincere banter in between songs with enough volume and kick to force your heart into your throat and shoving it in your face. They tied their set together by using up every square inch of the stage, while the audience mirrored them with a massive pit and countless mic grabs.

Whether you came out to support your friend’s band from the Cities or catch a favorite band on tour; whether you’re a fan of hardcore, or metal; if it was your first time, or hundredth time at THE GARAGE; no matter the circumstances, you witnessed great acts, great people, and great energy.


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