Warped Tour Tomorrow!: How to prepare, what to do


By Keenan

How to prepare: bring plenty of water and sunscreen, nothing’s worse than dehydration and sunburn. Wear light clothing such as tank tops and shorts, also bring shoes, you WILL lose saddles and flip flops if you’re planning on being part of the audience. Accessories such as jewelry should also be avoided, since most of the time you’ll lose it.


Bands to check out

There are usually 6 or 7 stages with multiple bands playing all at once, here’s a few to look for:



One of my personal favorite smaller bands, they’ve come out with one CD (The Ascent), another one coming 2 days after Warped and featured in Punk Goes Pop 5. SECRETS is a newer sound of the post-hardcore genre with great melodies, catchy choruses and they give us that energetic feeling we all love.


Hands Like Houses


HLH also have one CD and one coming the same day as SECRETS, with members from both Canada and Australia. HLH has a unique, inventive style with similar rhythmic techniques to bands like A Skylit Drive and the kick of Woe is Me, not to mention a soothing, memorable voice to go with it. This band is definitely one to check out if you haven’t already.




They’ve played before at Warped, but I’m extremely excited for this year’s since they have a brand new album coming out, and they’re just always exciting to see. They have some of the best instrumentals, especially their guitar. They mix together the shredding of metal and the sound of hardcore perfectly. You are missing out if you’ve never seen them before, and they’ll be on the Main Stage for the first time this year.


More attractions

-There are plenty more of bands that play, but that’s not all Warped Tour has to offer.

-For example most bands have a meet & greet where you can meet all the members and get autographs.

-Also there’s an acoustic tent that features bands playing acoustic versions of their songs, or acoustic only bands.

-If you’re looking to get cool there are multiple shade tents, a water re-fill station and even a slip and slide.

-They offer free Monster inside a huge Monster truck (mind the pun) over by the Monster Energy Stage.

-Merch tables are everywhere. It’s not always easy to find your favorite band’s table, but when you do it’s always worth it.

-There’s so much to do at Warped, if you haven’t picked up your ticket you can still get them for $35-45. Just make sure to keep cool and hydrated while you’re rocking out, crowd surfing, and moshing!

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