LIVE AT THE GARAGE | The Summer Smorgasbord brings unique talent


by Sararosa

Thursday night at THE GARAGE was no simple show, and the bands there were not simple bands. Whether more reserved or crazy, they were rare talents.

Caleb Hinz started out the show with an electronic set, and right away the audience started bobbing up and down. They were immediately immersed in a sea of poignant beats and razor melodies, and Hinz knew exactly what he was doing.  His first electronic show in a while was not rusty at all.

Up next was Drop Photo, a witty two man band made up of a guitarist and a bassist. Even with instrument problems, they made a place for themselves on the stage with their wit, and sometimes sudden intensity. My favorite moment was their cover of “R U Mine?” by the Arctic Monkeys. It was an awesome rough twist on the song and refused to obey cover conventions.

Failure Meets Fame took the stage shortly after, and performed a perfect pop punk set. They persevered through a problem with the lead singers guitar, and in their last song invited the audience up to dance on the stage. Everyone had their hands in the air, and it looked like some odd musical theatre number but sounded the exact opposite.

The next set was the very talented and very crazy Kittyjangles. They started off with a cover of Green Day’s infamous “Holiday.” The lead singer’s voice was epic and large and rough around the edges. He completely aced the song. The next song was somewhat of a pop punk song called “Heart Attack ” and then they continued on with “a cover from another mother” which was “Say it Ain’t So” by Nirvana.  The band was large in their movements, and swept through the stage like a hurricane.Their last song “Herp-a-Derp-Derp (Herp Derp)” included one of the weirdest moments I’ve ever seen at a concert. A baby doll was thrown off stage and someone in the crowd picked it up and started cradling it. So, thank you Kitty Jangles for that moment. I sure won’t forget it.

Distant Signals and Milestone continued on in the strong presence of bands with metal sounds. Distant Signals did what they do best, and had the crowd mesmerized as they played “Prologue.” I’ve never been a fan of metal, but these bands really made me think twice.

Last but certainly not least, Wang Mango. They ended the night with pure unfiltered energy. Their sound is more raw than I thought it would be, but I loved it just as much. During most songs, the stage and the audience were mirrored. Both crowd and band moved in short jerky movements, just letting the music transfer through them into the air. When the band members took their shirts off, so did the crowd. The set ended with an encore, and all the audience up on stage, dancing in a sea of flailing limbs with the band. Wang Mango, and all the other bands present on Thursday are not your regular talents; they are much much more.

2 Comments on LIVE AT THE GARAGE | The Summer Smorgasbord brings unique talent

  1. Could have gone a little more in depth with some acts. Not bad, there’s just potential room for more to have been said.

    • Thanks for feedback! It’s a constant battle for us balancing reviewing our large lineups and not having 1500 word posts, which take a long time to write. We’ll certainly keep looking for ways to more efficiently expand our coverage.

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