LIVE AT THE GARAGE | Review & Photos: These Hearts CD Release


Review by Keenan

Photos by Nikki

These Hearts used to be just an average local band from Fargo, North Dakota, trying to get as much experience as possible. They toured regularly through the region, making frequent stops at THE GARAGE. These Hearts signed to Victory Records in 2011 with their debut album of Forever Ending Yesterday. Sunday, July 14, was their first time at THE GARAGE in a while. I walked out thankful they came back.

This Leo Presents show was smooth with a fun atmosphere. The first band, Trust these Words started off a great line up. The entire show was made up of local post-hardcore bands, each one sounding better than the last, building up to the reason the show existed These Hearts!

The room dark, and the stage curtain slowly raising, suspense in the air, all you could see was the outline of amplifiers and a drum set. Their intro played and These Hearts came out on the stage, the lights came on and their instruments wailed. A burst of excitement filled the room along with plenty of fog. And bright as can be, These Hearts separated on stage. The lights were truly stunning, the kind of sight that you can feel in your chest, with strobe, soaring colors and their own brilliant bulbs as well.

Every show These Hearts play–if you’ve seen them live or in a Youtube video, you know–they have their own excitement and Sunday being their CD release, they made it extra special. They jumped around and got the audience involved, making it a worthwhile and memorable experience for every single person in the audience. Parts of their brand of post-hardcore reminded of fantastic acts like A Day To Remember and SECRETS with heavy verses and catchy choruses to the genre. If you like These Hearts, those are two to check out next. These Hearts were a great group to see. When I walked out, I was excited to open their new CD and keep on listening.

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