THURSDAY INTERVIEW | DJ Velvo: New music and a world for the taking



Today we’re revisited by DJ Velvo, a local electro and dubstep performer who had his new album drop earlier today called #Strobe2.0. Read the interview below, check out his Facebook page, and find the new album on Bandcamp or at the bottom of this page.




THE GARAGE: It’s great to talk to you again. You have an EP coming out Thursday! Tell us about it. Track list?

DJ VELVO:  It’s great talking to guys again as well!

Yes, I have an EP coming out [today] titled #Strobe2.0. You know the whole concept about this album is that this is an experiment taken place in the future! A prototype (called Strobe). There are 17 tracks total (11 Originals and 6 Remixes). Expect a lot of electro and dubstep!

1.)  #InsideTheStrobe

2.)  #IAmIronMan

3.)  #YouMakeMeFeelGood

4.)  #Spectrum (Velvo Remix)

5.)  #Go

6.)  #IAmTheBest (Ft. Hando Da Roc)

7.)  #Together (Ft. Hando Da Roc)

8.)  #WeOwnTheNight (Velvo Remix)

9.)  #RestOfMyLife (Velvo Remix)

10.) #OneMoreTime (Velvo Remix)

11.) #MrWalker (Ft. Hando Da Roc)

12.) #Noize

13.) #J4CK

14.) #SmashThePlace

15.) #KnightRider

16.) #EarthQuake

17.) #Alive (Velvo Remix)


THE GARAGE: How long have you been working on this EP?

DJ VELVO:  Jeeez. I had the idea and concept since 2011 and I actually put in work around the beginning of February 2012. We officially finished the album on March 28, 2013. Took time off after that and went back to work the week after the #Strobe2.0 Deluxe Album and my newest project with Hando Da Roc.


THE GARAGE: Most people have an idea of what recording an EP for a band looks like—microphones, guitars, and drums—but what’s it look like for an electronic album?

DJ VELVO:  Ha ha ha well for me at least is a lot of Red Bulls, my team, good subs and speakers, and a hell of a lot of synths and computers. Now that’s me and how I do my album, so I’m not speaking for the other EDM artists out there putting in work!


THE GARAGE: What else has been going on in your world since we talked in January?

DJ VELVO:  Not a lot actually! I’ve been really on lockdown mode with this album! Nothing but blood sweat and tears on this EP. But now that this EP is done,  I’ll be hitting the stage and doing what I love to do!


THE GARAGE: What’s the last thing to be stuck in your head?

DJ VELVO:  Food! HA HA !


THE GARAGE: Now that you’ve pulled together a collection of songs, where is your music going next? Any ideas? Any new influences? Anything new you’re trying?

DJ VELVO:  Where ever it wants to go, I really have no control on where it’s going to go. Right now my best bud Hando Da Roc and I are currently brainstorming on our collab album. I’ve always wanted to lay down some vocals, whether it be singing or rapping, I’m curious on how that would sound. I also want to branch out and really push EDM to its potential to see where it can really become! I want to go back to the roots of my influence, maybe experiment with some Daft Punk sounds. I would love to work with Give It Up. They really have a lot of talent/energy and I can really see them in this EDM family! Also ElectrkinetiK would be another artist I would love to work with, as well as Chicago rapper Markus Blex. I’m honestly down to collab and try new things as an artist! Cross new boundaries and set standards for music now and influence other young talent out there!


THE GARAGE: Where can people get the EP? Where can people see you this summer?

DJ VELVO:  First off, I want to thank you guys the fans for making all of this possible; not only in my carreer, in the EDM scene in general! I also want to thank THE GARAGE for this interview and spreading the word on my EP. You can get my EP #Strobe2.0 at  on June 14 2013 and it will soon be on iTunes as well. Be sure to check me out this summer at the Silent Disco this year at Summer Set. Also got shows lined up here in the twin cites and outside the state! All dates and events are updated daily on the website; ! Thanks again to all my fans, supporters, family, friends, and my wonderful girlfriend (I love you spidey girl)! #VelvoNation


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