Nu Metal Meets Arena Rock

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by Billy 

Just a few months ago the acclaimed rock group Stone Temple Pilots announced the termination of long time vocalist Scott Weiland.  The group’s original line-up of Dean DeLeo, Scott Weiland, Eric Kretz, and Robert DeLeo had remained unchanged since their formation in 1986.  Now, after a few months of quiet inactivity, the group made a surprise performance at KROQ’s Weenie Roast show.  For the first time in the group’s long history they performed without Weiland, and his replacement was even more shocking than the surprise performance.  Taking the microphone for STP was the vocalist from one of the most popular groups of the decade, Chester Bennington, from nu-metal outfit Linkin Park.


This move stunned Stone Temple Pilots and Linkin Park fans alike.  For Linkin Park fans this motion caused reactions of excitement and curiosity, as well as betrayal.  Although Chester claims Linkin Park will remain the focus of his music career, it is very likely that this will have effect on Linkin Park’s productivity.  Never has one man been the lead singer of multiple groups of such a high profile.  Both groups have multiple platinum certified albums, and massive followings.  How Bennington plans to make this work?  Who knows.  Will Linkin Park fans see a decrease in movement from the group?  Probably.

As a fan of Stone Temple Pilots myself, I was caught a bit off guard by this.  The first thing that came to my head when I saw the news was: “Who could replace Weiland?”  Scott Weiland, with his sexy, smooth charisma that truly captured the essence of the groups music.  Scott Weiland, with his rough, yet soothing voice.  How could he be replaced?  Then it hit me, that he could not be replaced.  Bennington is just a symbol of the change that was inevitable for the band.  After nearly 30 years, maybe it is time for change in STP.  Bennington will never be Weiland, and Stone Temple Pilots will never be the same.  But they will still be Stone Temple Pilots.  So cheers to the five glorious albums that Weiland gave us, and cheers to the future of Stone Temple Pilots.

Hopefully, both Linkin Park and Stone Temple Pilots will stay rockin’ in the future, and Bennington will find a way to manage this massive undertaking.

Here is “Out Of Time” the first STP track featuring Chester Bennington’s vocals.  It was released May 19th, 2013.


Billy, when he’s not attending high school, enjoys music, books, and writing.  He has lived in Minnesota his entire life.

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