#FF Follow Friday | Watsky: The YouTube cure for your musical rut

Watsky from "Moral of the Story"

Watsky from “Moral of the Story”

by Sararosa

Once in a while, I get stuck in a musical rut where the only thing I listen to for a month is one album. [Editor’s note: We know the feeling.] Sometimes good things come out of these horrid times where Andrew Bird is the only artist I listen to. I’d like to thank YouTube for being my salvation during those times. Hours of browsing have brought me to some of my favorite artists today. YouTube is like a bouquet of different smelling flowers for music. There’s snarky British pop artists, Doctor Who and Harry Potter influenced bands, and even some rap. For those open to different kinds of music, YouTube is a haven. Who could’ve guessed that music about a British Sci-fi TV show is actually good?

Today I want to bring the focus on Watsky, a rapper pretty well known on YouTube.

I’ve never really liked rap, but for some odd reason, when I saw a video of his suggested for me, I took a jump and listened. After hearing “Wounded Healer”, with its swollen picking of the guitar, like the sky before a storm, I browsed his channel for hours. I came across all different kinds of stuff. He had spoken word, covers of mainstream rap, and so many different original songs. His stuff ranges from blues- and jazz-influenced rap with lyrics that seem to fan out around you, but are also inside you, to more mainstream like stuff with lyrics so witty and sharp that they sting like a tin can.

By far, Watsky’s new album Cardboard Castles is his best work. It’s classic Watsky. Witty, fun, and perfectly serious at all the right moments, it’s all genius. “Sloppy Seconds” is a simple song with relatable lyrics, lying over steady heartbeat-like drums.  Lyrics like this are why I love the man, “Show me someone who says they got no baggage/I’ll show you somebody who’s got no story/Nothing gory means no glory, but baby please don’t bore me.” This song, like some other Watsky songs, has a restrained effortlessness to it. The way he raps comes out like he’s saying everything he ever wanted to say, but for some reason he shouldn’t say it. Other songs on the album are hilarious and there is even one titled, ”Kill a Hipster.” It has lyrics about gentrifying neighborhood gas stations by buying chips there. Do yourself a favor, and look up Watsky on YouTube sometime. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and sooner or later, you’ll be out of your musical rut.

Sararosa currently is in love with the local scene and wants to be best friends with all of Cloud Cult.

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