SPECIAL FRIDAY INTERVIEW | JD: Coming up in Midwest hip hop


Today a special interview with upcoming 22-year-old rapper JD. You can catch him TONIGHT with a strong hip-hop line up including: 50 Tyson, KIG, Giovanna, Fre5h Air, Swine Time, Darkslider, and Animal Abstrakt.

JD says of himself: “I’m reppin for the Midwest and Minnesota! From our ghettos where I was raised to our suburbs south of the river where I’m at right now. I wanna show there’s hip hop coming out of this place and a lot of talent waiting to be discovered and brought out to a wide variety of listeners.”

Find his work all over the internet, on:



THE GARAGE: Name, instrument?

JD: JD, rapper.


THE GARAGE: How’d you get started rapping? Was there a certain moment or song that got you started? Are there other artists that influence you to keep going?

JD: I started rapping because my friends in Minneapolis were forming a rap group and I would listen to their music and I was already a big fan of rap. So I had a shot and they saw potential so they put me in the group after my first written verse. Yes, I’m really into a lot of underground rap and Chris Webby from Connecticut also my age started out just like I am now and now he’s very successful and blowing up and he’s basically one of my favorite rappers and role model.


THE GARAGE: Your song “North Star State” got stuck in my head. A great sample choice, too. What was the recording process like?
That’s awesome to hear man I’m glad it’s catchy. That song was actually written through out several sessions since I do have a 9 to 5 and gotta pay the bills. Lol. But the instrumental was what inspired it all. I just loved the vibe it sent out and just put me in a good mood, so I had to share that with my fan base. I played the instrumental real loud on my studio speakers and “North Star State” just popped into my head and I started writing. With the hook I wanted to involve my audience so I made it fun and energetic, but it was multiple hours of work and, in my opinion, well spent.


THE GARAGE: How do you prepare for a show or recording? How do you practice?

JD: Well first thing I do is I chose which songs will fit on my set and I arrange them in the order I think would catch their attention. Then I start rapping over my own vocals over and over and act as if I’m in front of the crowd performing, getting down my lyrics and body movements. For recording I block out everyone and stay reserved in my little basement studio and I record myself till I’m happy with the end result.


THE GARAGE: Not counting THE GARAGE, what’s your favorite venue to play? Why?

JD: It has to be Station 4. Their sound system is dope, just pumps you up when you hear and feel it shake the place. The stage has you looking down at your fans and with all focus on you it’s a great feeling.


THE GARAGE: What should the audience expect from your performance this weekend at THE GARAGE? And is there a particular song you’re most excited to play? Why?

JD: They should expect 110% in my performance cause I’ma give it my all and I hope to catch their attention with new songs and stage presence. I’m very excited to perform “Bad Bitchez (Mac Miller Loud Remix),” because it got a lot of attention and I’m very into that song and I must admit I did my thang on that song. Plus it’ll be the first time I perform it!


THE GARAGE: This is a different direction, but is there a piece of technology that’s indispensible to you (aside from the obvious, like mics, amps, etc.)?

JD: No, everything I need is there but a DJ that can scratch would sure make the vibe a lot better and a host to amp the crowd.


THE GARAGE: Besides you, what local artist deserves more attention?

JD: A friend of mine Bugella he has a lot of skill and work ethic


THE GARAGE: What are you listening to right now?

JD: A lot of underground rap ranging from Tech N9ne up to a female rapper Snow the Product and upcoming young rappers across the US.


THE GARAGE: Do you have any advise for a fan who is planning to start rapping for audiences?

JD: Well I suggest if you have a passion for it go ahead and do it cause only you can go out and make it happen and work hard and keep grinding and you will see results and the best of luck to you!


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