#FF Follow Friday | Cloud Cult

by Sararosa

If the local music scene were an art museum, Cloud Cult would be that one painting no one can grasp, but everyone understands. Their thick calligraphy string section shouldn’t cooperate with the light auto tune that sometimes covers lead singer Craig Minowas’ raindrop voice, but it works. A plain jane, straight-up acoustic song shouldn’t reside next to a boxy electronic one on a CD case, but it does. Cloud Cult is the band that you can’t quite fit in the palm of your hand. They spill out of the genre lines and search to define themselves in a world where pioneers in music are hard to find.


I’m simply going to go out and say that Cloud Cult is a spiritual band, but not in the typical sense. Their lyrics reach out and seem to grasp exactly what you are thinking in a certain sad moment, and then they medicate you with a certain line. My favorite song is “Pretty Voice” off of their album The Meaning of 8 for this reason. Something about the satin lyrics of this song, mixed with grooved edge of auto tune on Minowa’s voice, agrees with me. “No One Said it Would Be Easy” off of Feel Good Ghosts is also a great example of lyrics that punch you in the gut, then help you stand up again.  In everything the band does, there are remnants of sadness and grief, but ultimately Cloud Cult stresses hope and joy, especially with their new album entitled Love.

Love is a great opening dish to the 5-course emotional meal that is Cloud Cult.


Cloud Cult is never a totally clear cut band with their guitar and piano usage, but Love is one of their more pristine albums in a sense. In most older Cloud Cult songs, the driving riff is reminiscent of a run along a gravel covered trail. Hilly and sometimes an uneven terrain, they may put new listeners off at first. Songs like “Good Friend” and “1x1x1” are great introductory songs because they show off Cloud Cult’s eclectic use of instruments, but the guitar and piano aren’t too much of a mountain to climb for new listeners.

Cloud Cloud is that band that no one can correctly define, because of how defined they are. As my favorite lyrics by them say, “There are no words, but there’s understanding.”


Sararosa currently is in love with the local scene and wants to be best friends with all of Cloud Cult.

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