LIVE AT THE GARAGE | Set It Off, I the Mighty, For All I Am, and local acts inspire THE GARAGE


Words and photos by Anna.

“You can do anything!”

That was the very message many of the bands had told the crowd who had stood by and watched on that wintery Friday evening. They pounded these words into our brains throughout the night, making us believe that we were invincible.  I knew that instantly the night would be the more memorable than any previous concert.

Some bands that stood out: Correlations, The Picture Perfect, I the Mighty, For All I Am, and Set it Off.

Correlations came in strong and showed the rest of the bands what the great Minnesota music scene has to offer.  They demonstrated strength in their two part guitar harmonies that is a rarely heard in music at THE GARAGE.

A last minute addition, The Picture Perfect showed everyone their picture perfect selves, all polished up and ready to put on an entertaining show. One of the band’s great features is the piano that is certainly a big focal point of their music.

As for the last three bands, I the Mighty, For All I Am, and Set It Off, there is something extremely unique about each of these bands in that they are all from the same record label, Equal Vision Records, but each sound very different than their fellow label mates. Their genres pretty much set them apart from each other but throughout their whole tour it was clear to see they had become more of a family despite their differences. Each band even let the members of the other bands up to join in their fun, whether it be singing or shredding the guitar.

Set It Off was the by far the most memorable performance of the night.  If you ever happen to get the chance to attend one of their shows, jump on the opportunity!  I would highly recommend that you stand towards the front because it seems everyone has the most fun grasping lead singer Cody Carson’s hands and hoisting him up through the air.  This was my first concert that I was actually able to stand right up in front of the band, and let me tell you that it makes for a much more exhilarating experience.  They have played with great bands such as Yellowcard, Crown the Empire, and many more.

The band started out with the intro featured on their newest album out called “Cinematics,” this then lead straight into one of their most popular tunes called, “Nightmare.”  During the course of only the first couple minutes, Cody the lead singer was crowd surfing, falling over purposefully during the intense breakdowns of the songs, and taking people’s phones who had been videoing the show to show them what it looked like to be up on stage.  One of the highlights of the performance was when Cody climbing up on top of the towering speakers that are placed on each side of the stage.  He then preceded to jump off of them and plunge back down to the stage. The crowd was mystified.

After rocking out, they ended the show with a song called “The Grand Finale” which was the perfect choice to end the night. Fans sang the lyrics loudly as if the end of the world was surely upon us.

If you would like a chance to see what the show was really like, click this link and it will take you to the video I took of the opening song of their show. Set It Off will be returning July 21st of this year to play at Warped Tour, so don’t miss it!


Anna has been linked to the music scene in some form or another for her entire life.  She currently resides just outside the Twin Cities where she plays guitar, keyboard, and sings in a band.

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