LIVE AT THE GARAGE | Failure Meets Fame, The New Abnormal, and others charge the breach

by Mac

Ed. note: We posted interviews with Failure Meets Fame and The New Abnormal this week.

Four was the perfect number for THE GARAGE on Saturday, April 13th 2013. Despite some minor setbacks (four of the originally scheduled bands dropped out of the show), the night continued on to be exceptional to say the least. The outskirts of the main stage were filled with eager audience members ready to rock. The four remaining bands from the original bill gave it their all to play an unforgettable show.

First up was an alternative band Downstairs Attic, who lit up the room upon their first note. The singer’s soothing voice blended well with the instruments and filled the room with positive energy. The singer and lead guitarist made good use of their equipment boxes, using them to jump off of, characterizing their lively performance. They took turns playing the drums on songs throughout the set, showing off their band’s multi-instrumentalists. I would personally like to comment on the singer’s snazzy sport coat that he wore for the occasion, which complimented their style well.

Falling From Friday, a three-piece act from Minneapolis, MN, changed the pace of things a bit. The drummer started off encouraging the crowd to scream, creating a dynamic atmosphere that would last their entire set. Their melodic instrumentals electrified the crowd, bringing a wave of admiration from fellow musicians. This band stood out to me in particular because of their unique sound. They played an original song that didn’t have words but entranced all who watched. Another highlight of this set was their cover of The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside”. The audience raved in approval, singing along and jumping with the band. The bassist made good use of the stage, thrashing around and losing himself in the music.

After two outstanding performances, the crowd was engrossed with anticipation for more. The New Abnormal took THE GARAGE by storm and had everyone jumping on the band’s first song. The singer tore up the stage moving from side to side. Floating through song after song, The New Abnormal never failed to keep up the energy in the room. The audience lost control on their cover of Jett’s “Are You Gonna Be My Girl;” one fan even got to sing part of the verse into the microphone. The cover featured a solo from the band’s drummer Jett Roeser, and enticing guitar riffs. They finished off their set with one of their newest songs, titled “The Streetlamps Wept”, leaving the audience cheering.

The last act of the night wrapped up the show with just as much intensity as it began. Failure Meets Fame came on strong, entertaining the crowd with up-beat, fast-paced songs. The singer’s vocals reminded me of Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low, with the same style and general sound. They played a variety of original tracks including their song “Circles”, which certainly lived up to its name as the bassist and guitarist spun around in circles while performing it. They had dance-like rhythms mixed with soaring vocals to fulfill a very pop punk sound.


Mac is easygoing. She enjoys going to concerts and playing music with her friends. She generally likes all types of music and her favorite band is My Chemical Romance.

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