LIVE AT THE GARAGE | Atomic Metal Beatdown: A promise kept


By: Mac

Saturday, March 23 at THE GARAGE was a night to remember. Metal lovers from all around gathered together for The Atomic Metal Beatdown, presented by MusicCities & Forsaken Promotions, promising to destroy THE GARAGE. And destroy they would. The show was filled with five hours of intense bass lines, raw vocals that rumbled through the venue, and more hardcore dancing than you can imagine. Every band that performed put their hearts into every single song, playing their souls up on stage, making this show out of the ordinary.

My favorite performances: Carlina White, Our Judgment, From Concept To Chronicle, and Sworn In

The show started with an exotic set from a new band called Infinite Me, which was founded in January 2013. Their flashing light set up put the crowd in awe as the suspense built, the lights blinking with every beat from the kick drum. The singer would jump into the crowd, screaming along with the audience and getting people to dance. The bands metal sound dominated the lounge as they flowed from one song to another. Be sure to check out this band’s debut EP called “Balance EP.” You can find it on iTunes.

The first act to play the main stage was Hold The Throne, an animated hardcore/melodic band that knew how to get the crowd off of their feet. They showed the crowd a new kind of energy as they jumped all over the stage. Even if you weren’t standing close you could feel the pounding drums and bass. The lead vocalists’ screaming had a rap-rock feel to it that blended well with the intensity of their instrumentals. Hold The Throne contributed a unique performance to help them stand out.

Carlina White brought a whole new meaning to the deathcore genre. They didn’t let the absence of their bassist Clay Lindstrom get in the way of putting on a fierce performance. Lead vocalist Tristan Forget practically shattered the lounge with an outstanding range of thundering screams. He continued to keep the crowd energetic by running around the room and starting a mosh pit. A highlight of the set was their song “Legend of Space Jam” with an enticing guitar intro.

A while later, Our Judgment from Eau Claire, Wisconsin took the main stage by storm, entertaining the crowd with forceful bass and low vocals. Their intense thrash filled the venue, making the crowd come alive with excitement. One thing that stood out in particular was the band’s captivating guitar solos, which flowed very nicely under the rest of band’s sound. Our Judgment’s new ground-shaking EP Titled “Concepts” is available for download on Bandcamp, so be sure to give it a listen!

The highly anticipated headlining band Sworn In, from Grayslake Illinois, couldn’t have ended the night better. Hardcore dancers began thrashing even before the band took the stage. The lead vocalist started solo, screaming lyrics to the crowd, pouring raw emotion into every word. He was soon joined by brutal instrumentals that sent the crowd into an explosive uproar. The band members made good use of the entire stage for their spins and jumps. I could taste the metal of the strings as the guitars were swung. The devoted crowd knew every lyric and screamed along with the singer, who let them have the microphone from time to time, proving just how loyal their fans are. The band’s song “Apex” set the room off. Describing the audience as enthusiastic would be an understatement.

Mac is easygoing. She enjoys going to concerts and playing music with her friends. She generally likes all types of music and her favorite band is My Chemical Romance.

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