LIVE AT THE GARAGE | A pedal to the metalcore

526358_10151439805895912_411903623_nBy: Anna

The festivities of this past Saturday, March 16, at THE GARAGE were filled with flashy light shows, a rambunctious and moshy crowd, and gravity defying bands that came from all over the Midwest. Every one of the bands’ sets appeared to be polished and well-prepared. A theme throughout the night seemed to include electronics welded to a metal base to hold together a sort of new genre within a genre.

Some bands to note: Distant Signals, A Minor Setback, Restart, Refresh, Corruptor, and the headliner This is Our Year.

Distant Signals particularly stood out with their larger-than-life sounding instrumentals. They showed great skill with their instruments, making up for the lack of vocals, and kept the crowd intrigued like they were watching some epic action movie. Watch for their EP to come out soon—it’s currently being recorded.

Soon after that came A Minor Setback, who didn’t look like they’d seen any setbacks at all. The intro to the show began with Kyle Baron the drummer pounding out some crazy beats and the first song coming in with a bang and a powerfully earthquaking scream by Trevor Knish that seemed like it could go on for eternity. They got they crowd active by bounding in the air in unison. You can see them at THE GARAGE again on May 2, so be sure to check them out.

Restart, Refresh from Fargo, ND, lightened up the night next with their popcore sound and creatively done intro that included the “Harlem Shake.” They showed their enthusiasm through each and every song, and their vocal harmonies blended quite nicely and sounded like a version of Chunk, No Captain Chunk! They even passed out their CD’s entitled A Taste of Victory after the show to fans. Visit their Bandpage to listen to some of them.

Corrupting the minds of their new fans, Corruptor took The Lounge stage by storm. The crowd went crazy and used every nook and cranny to mosh the place out. Ryan Anderson and Chris Gonzalez (both do lead vocals for the band) made it seem like they were locked in a battle for the stage, each determined to win. In the end the fierce Indiana metalheads satisfied the fanatical crowd.

As expected, This is Our Year showed off tight musicmanship in their lively performance. Fans drew near to hear their favorite songs played and fulfill their pop-punkcore thirst. They also mentioned that Life as We Know It, their new record, will be out soon. In the meantime take a listen to their single, “Identities” to entertain your ears.


Anna has been linked to the music scene in some form or another for her entire life. She currently resides just outside the Twin Cities where she plays guitar, keyboard, and sings in a band.

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