SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: McNally Smith Live Sound Workshop @ THE GARAGE March 19


Tuesday, March 19th, 2013 at THE GARAGE

Live Sound Workshop with McNally Smith Faculty Peter Greenlund!


6:30 p.m.

Email if interested

6 Slots available


The details:

Live Sound Workshop

March 19, 2013, 6:30-8:30p.m.

at THE GARAGE, in Burnsville

Do you have interest in live sound or have some experience but need to till in some gaps? Want to be able to better operate your system?  This Live Sound workshop covers the basics of a live sound PA.  Through an overview and hands-on exercises, we will explore various topics in the live sound environment including rehearsal and small stage situations.

Topics will include:

  • Standard live console operations and signal flow

  • Main speaker and monitor equalization

  • channel set up

  • understanding stage locations and terminology

Instructor: Peter Greenlund


Peter has been in the Live Production industry for over thirty years, spending no less than twenty of those years living and traveling on tour buses across America and the world, with the likes of Prince (1982-1990), the Commodores (1986-current), Phil Collins (1990-1991), Wayne Newton (1986-1989), Willie Nelson (1991-1996) just to name a few…though his specialty is in Live Sound engineering, he is proficient in Rigging, Set design, Sound system design and installation, lighting, production/ stage managing, and Band Technician duties. Aside from the touring industry he has also held “in House” positions (as the media Director of Wooddale Church (2002-2012), and was Lead technician for the Minneapolis Convention Center (1997-2002), and Production manager / lead engineer at The Carlton Celebrity Theater (1979-1986) Live sound instructor McNally Smith (2000-current)

Peter lives and breathes live production, when not teaching he still keeps an active freelance career of “one off” shows that still takes him to venues worldwide. His passion is obvious, and he feels that it is his calling to share his experiences with his students, taking many on as interns, not only on local shows, but even some that require light travel.


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