THURSDAY INTERVIEW | If I Ran the Zoo: Fanciful name, very real dudes


This weekend at THE GARAGE, Minneapolis act Singled Out is playing their last show ever. It’s going to be a big show—because of attendance, but also the strong line-up supporting the hero headliners.

One of those openers, If I Ran the Zoo, will bring their brand metal of all the way from the Dakotas to THE GARAGE. In this interview, it’s clear that for If I Ran the Zoo their music is not just about hoping to some day make it—they’re sure to appreciate every day they have as a band, because it’s insanely fun. That joy and in-the-moment awareness certainly comes out live and makes for a great show.


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THE GARAGE: Name, instrument?

Josh: Vocals

Tanner: Guitars

Will: Guitars

Anthony: Drums

Tyler: Bass


THE GARAGE: What’s your brand of metalcore and who are the artists that influence If I Ran the Zoo?

IIRTZ: We try to make high-energy music. Everything from our recorded songs, to our live show, we try to put as much energy in as possible and make it fun for everyone listening, and for us to play.

We take influence from many different places, everything from other metalcore bands on the scene today, to top 40 hits on the radio.


THE GARAGE: What should the audience expect from your performance this weekend at THE GARAGE? And is there a particular song you’re most excited to play? Why?

IIRTZ: They can expect a high-energy show, with lots of joking around. We never take our selves too seriously. When we play a show it’s to have as much fun as possible, we don’t care how stupid we look as long as we’re having fun.


THE GARAGE: What makes a song good? What song do you consider perfect or which one comes closest?

Anthony: A perfect song is going to be different to every person. For me a perfect song has to hit home lyrically. It doesn’t have to be a very technical song either, but it has to have a basic sense of musicianship and talent. I think “Two-Step” by Dave Matthews’s band is a perfect song to me.

Tanner: I really like songs that hit hard. It doesn’t matter if they’re energetic or mellow, as long as a song is put together well, has elements that I’m into, and hits home, chances are I’m going like it.


THE GARAGE: What do your practices look like?

IIRTZ: We try to set up like we would for a show—we practice how we want to play live.


THE GARAGE: Excluding THE GARAGE, what’s your favorite venue to play? Why?

IIRTZ: We all have venues we’re fond of and different cities we like to play, but I think The Venue at The Hub in Fargo is everyone’s favorite. It’s a big venue, with a professional staff and great sound. Having it here in town also gives a soft spot for it.


THE GARAGE: This is a different direction, but is there a piece of technology that’s indispensable to you (aside from the obvious, like mics, amps, etc.)?

Anthony: My computer, I love online gaming.

Tanner: I would say duct tape. It sounds weird and might not even fit this category, but on the road you can literally not have enough


THE GARAGE: Besides you, what local artist deserves more attention?

IIRTZ: The Suit, The Paramount, Molly’s Worst Enemy are just a few.

THE GARAGE: What are you listening to right now?

Anthony: Mala, Macklemore and FUN.

Tanner: Underoath, ADTR, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy.


THE GARAGE: Do you have any advice for a fan who wants to start a band?

IIRTZ: Practice, practice, practice. Also to be patient, make sure before you play your first show you’re completely satisfied with your songs, merch, and every aspect of your band. We rushed into things and were a horrible band for a very long time. It took us a long time to get things to a point that we were happy with, and even now there are always things we want to change and improve. Music is the endless pursuit of perfection.

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