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Five Stories Unfold

Five Stories Unfold

The Saturday, March 2 punk show at THE GARAGE saw surprises, the return of favorites, and bands soldiering on through missing members. The show was also the first with the six new contributors to GARAGE MUSIC NEWS. They’ll begin individually reviewing THE GARAGE concerts in the coming weeks, but for this first review I’ve compiled their thoughts on this weekend’s show along with my photos from the punk rock trenches.

Popular themes: Bands tearing it up, surprising covers, tight musicianship, a great overall show

Big winners who particularly melted the faces of our reviewers: Five Stories Unfold, Ultra Day, The Way Away, Attention, Whore

Monster in My Closet

The evening kicked off with some youngsters who originate from the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Monster in My Closet, brought forth both power and great skill to the stage that most would not expect from kids their age. They simply set the mood for the whole evening, which happened to be exhilarating and fast-paced. They played great hits such as “Ocean Avenue” by Yellowcard and “Holiday” by Green Day and nailed them all. –Anna

With a tight rhythm section, great guitar playing, and good harmonies, Monster in My Closet did a great job starting off the show. The group was confident and got the whole crowd to sing along for many of the well-known covers. Be sure to catch Monster in My Closet if you want to see a great show of classic pop-punk songs. -Zack

Aaron Buckley

The next artist playing was Aaron Buckley and after that there was the Donaghys. Just a man, his guitar, and a stool, Buckley played singer-songwriter fare. His song 7-4-12 was my favorite live, just as it was online. Live, it features the uniqueness of his syrup-like voice, which he uses as if he were a folk singer, with broken pauses and heavily accented notes. –Sararosa

The Donaghys

The Donaghys took the lounge stage next, and showed off a fabulous vocalist, and strong indie sound resembling The Velvet Underground. His smooth voice was a treat for the ears, as was the band’s cover of “Someday” by The Strokes. –Billy

The Way Away

The show continued with an electric performance from The Way Away. The bassist and guitarist gave liveliness on stage as they jump-kicked off of the drum stand and bounced around the entire show. The tricks didn’t stop there; the bassist showed off his wild side with an impressive flip of his wireless bass. A highlight of this set was the bands cover of Taylor Swifts’ “I Knew You Were Trouble,” shedding a new light on mainstream music. The Way Away’s punk version of the song could make Taylor Swift re-evaluate her choice of genre. –Mac

By far, my highlight of the whole show was The Way Away’s punkified version of Taylor Swift’s, “Trouble.” The crowd was stunned at first, but slowly started to accept that the deed had been done; just as the chorus came along I could hear the crowd do Taylor Swift’s pitchy yells in the most punk way they could. –Sararosa

Five Stories Unfold

Going into the start of the Five Stories Unfold set, I was very skeptical, thinking that this band would be a very clean cut, generic pop/punk band. I was completely wrong. Even though they were missing their drummer, the lead singer played the drums and sang at the same time. He played them so well in fact, that anyone who didn’t know them before would have thought that he was the actual drummer. Ending their set with a cover of the Goldfinger version of “99 Red Balloons”, the crowd went crazy, enjoying every second of this band on stage. Their vocals were not only very clean and easy to understand, but the both guitars, the bass, and the drums sounded perfect and fit together wonderfully. Unfortunately, the members of Five Stories Unfold do not live near each other, making it difficult to perform together. The lead singer of the band lives close to New York, where he goes to college, while the other members are scattered throughout Minnesota. Hopefully, they can get together more often to play some more shows at THE GARAGE so more people can find them and enjoy their music. –Jonathan

If you are a fan of pop-punk or just want to catch a good show, Five Stories Unfold is a band you shouldn’t miss. –Zack

They took the stage by storm even when their drummer couldn’t make it to the show. The crowd got moving for every one of their songs, especially “Last Thursday” and “My Friends Come First”. The band showed amazing energy and left fans wanting more. Five Stories Unknown is a band that we should all watch out for! –Anna


Zero’s set, although tainted with minor mishaps, like falling straps and snapping strings, was full of that classic 90’s pop-punk noise that so many bands search to figure out. With fast moving songs powered by simple chord progressions, and hypersonic drumbeats, Zero kept the crowd on their toes, waiting for the next explosion of punk noise. Their song “Chasing A Mistake” from their new EP “You Got Your Punk In My Peanut Butter” was definitely the highlight of the set that included a few more songs from the EP, and an awesome cover of Blink 182’s “Feeling This”. –Billy

Ultra Day

Ultra Day was an ultra yes. The band’s fast old school punk rock sound got the audience jumping like no other group was able to. The whole band screamed with fury into their microphones, and so did the audience during the song “Stay Put or Carry On”. The band did a fantastic job of capturing their own anger, and forming it into fantastic songs, that hit home with the crowd. –Billy

Between stunning guitar solos, complex bass parts, and solid drumming, the band showed that they were all skilled musicians that could really rock. Topping off the set by knocking over the drum set was a perfect way to end the set and final proof that Ultra Day is a punk band that can keep up. –Zack

Ultra Day showed no sign of fear playing their heavy songs, that were less punk, and more of an in between of rock and metal. Throughout their entire performances, I couldn’t help but think that this band is heavily influenced by Anti-Flag. Encouraging the audience to “bring it in closer”, it easily showed that they were really into what they played and definitely wanted the crowd to be involved. –Jonathan

Attention, Whore

Last but certainly not least, was headlining bad Attention, Whore. The trio was off to a great start with singer Katy Marosok’s vocals sailing through the room. She had a strong voice accompanied by alluring instrumentals. The crowd joined in enthusiastically singing along to the chorus of the bands song “Flamethrower” to end the night. –Mac

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  1. It was a great night for sure. If you missed the first act Monster In My Closet you can see the full set on youtube via the below play list.

    Hats off to the Garage for pulling in a great set of PUNK bands. Thanks YOU Garage!

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