the_shining_jack_nicholson-1a67hbz (1)

Jack Nicholson in THE SHINING

Things are a bit slow here at THE GARAGE as we gear up for a great weekend of shows and new writers coming onboard for GARAGE MUSIC NEWS.

Tomorrow, DGB Muzik Ent & MN Got Talent Inc bring MARCH MADNESS to THE GARAGE from 6-9pm. Live performances by Dolla Dook, T. Dizzle & TYB, Corde, Lil Queen Tifa, Yung Benjermain & others. Prizes, free throw contest, all kinds of good stuff. Get the low down here.

Saturday we have a rock/punk show with Attention, Whore, Ultra Day, The Way Away, Five Stories Unfold & more. In addition to that sweet line-up, we’re really excited to welcome back Ultra Day who caught us by surprise during our January pop/punk mania show:

Another surprise was Ultra Day. Since recording the music they’ve posted online, the band has added another guitarist and matured their sound. With a pop/punk base in the style of Green Day, Ultra Day has brought in metal riffs—often played with a harmony between the two guitars. The metal riffs serve as bridges within songs, as well as between. With this new structure, they can blend songs together into larger arrangements. It totally changes the feel of the live show into something I’m sad more bands don’t try. Too many breaks between songs or songs mired in the same structure make the live experience choppy and monotonous. Variety, I tell you.

So cool stuff is around the next corner. We are just waiting for it to get here. Meanwhile, I’m looking out my window at a pretty sad snow drift. It and the wind, whistling so low, are doing their best to put me to sleep.

In an effort to avoid pounding yet another cup of coffee I made a playlist for this lazy AM, made up of bands whose names either start with A or M. It isn’t the most complex or well thought out playlist I’ve ever constructed, but it sure does rock. I’m feeling it already in my veins and toes.

But I am still craving another mug of the strong stuff.

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