GARAGE MUSIC NEWS is searching for music-loving high school-aged students interested in reviewing concerts at THE GARAGE! In addition to free tickets to THE GARAGE shows and having one of the coolest jobs around, GARAGE MUSIC NEWS writers will be building a portfolio of writing beneficial for applications to future jobs and colleges (tell your parents that one). GARAGE MUSIC NEWS writers can choose which shows they want to review and which bands they want to interview, with the potential to expand into more general music writing. This is a great chance to contribute to the Twin Cities music scene.

To be a GARAGE MUSIC NEWS writer an interested student must complete a certification course with the GARAGE MUSIC NEWS editor, Logan.

THE GARAGE is offering the first such course Saturday, March 2. There are 6 available spots now 2 spots left. To claim a spot, email Logan by 9pm on Thursday, February 28 at The email should be a short letter that tells him who you are, what kinds of music you like and why, and why you want the job. The email will help him get to know you before Saturday.

Click here to learn more and see the course schedule.

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