THURSDAY INTERVIEW (REVISIT): Kid Magic talks influence and new tracks

Kid Magic, live. From Facebook.

Kid Magic’s last show at THE GARAGE (Dec. 7) happened during a crazy snow storm that left many attendees stranded at home. We’re reposting his interview ahead of his Friday, January 25 show with Ray LaCrooks and Prince Clumsey. Read it, then come to THE GARAGE and rock with it.


Tomorrow, Friday, December 7, Kid Magic from St. Paul, Minnesota will headline an eight-performer hip-hop show at THE GARAGE. Not yet into his twenties, Kid Magic’s been in the rap game for nearly half his life, writing rhymes and performing them in the studio and as opener for Lil Wayne, Nelly, Trey Songz, Lil Boosie, Young Jeezy and others, boasts his Facebook page.

He’s a blend of R&B crooner and sweet-tongued rapper, often switching between the two for his verses and hooks. It’s a move that we’ve seen time and again fail, but Kid Magic pulls it off, proving himself a versatile emcee at a young age. Doubtless his talent is a direct cause for moving thousands of copies of his last mixtape Changing the Game and garnering tens of thousands of listens on Hot New Hip Hop.

Kid Magic and THE GARAGE exchanged some messages on Facebook, talking about the upcoming show, the genesis of his sound, and also the new tracks he’s dropping Friday, all from his upcoming mixtape Love & Royalty.

He promised Friday would be a great performance: “My audience should expect perfection.” It’s admirable, not just because of the effort he puts in, but because Kid Magic hasn’t been afraid to make intensely personal music—a great example is his song, “Alone.” “My sound is what I create from my soul,” he said.

Though THE GARAGE hasn’t yet heard it, one of the songs he’ll debut Friday—one he promised is really “catchy”—is called “Man in the Mirror.” Based on the title alone I bet we can expect more Kid Magic introspection.

So much of his music is drawn from his world, his life. “I write songs at any moment, any time. I write about everyday life experience.” But a lot of work and late nights go into taking those experiences and boiling them down into some purer for his audience. “My practices look like boot camp,” he joked. “I stay up all night and write. And before shows I pretend my living room is the stage.”

He didn’t sign off with THE GARAGE before hyping some of his fellow local artists—V.O Marley, KC, and Loony Lee. Loony Lee will also be at THE GARAGE Friday, along with Concept, Antioch, JD, Suite Ava, Young Future, and Most Wanted.

Kid Magic’s next show after this Friday at THE GARAGE will be December 14 at the Pressbox Night Club in Harvey, Illinois.

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