Your Music Source: Pig Squeals and Breakdowns


Trust. It’s so important. For your friends. For the amp you take on long tours. For the toothpaste you buy.

For your music source.

(Or for one of many music sources. Hey, different sites specialize in different sounds/scenes. And no site’s going to capture everything you’re interested in. For example, I have for the punk. Pitchfork for the indie. And though I’m about to tell you, the reader, about a site dedicated to some very heavy metal, I’m going to pause right now to take a listen to the new Justin Timberlake single “Suit & Tie” he, literally, just released. So this is less about the only site you need to check out, but rather one reliable site that can augment other favorites.)

Now, for the Metal.

Pig Squeals and Breakdowns describes their site as:

“We are a promotional website that is focused on the promotion of deathcore, death metal, and metalcore bands. The downloads that are listed here were originally free to download from the band, or have been given to us directly to post to the site. We do not post illegally obtained downloads; again, only ones that were already free to download or have been given to us directly to post.”

Though they do post interviews with bands they’re promoting, Pig Squeals’s bread and butter is posting info about new/old albums and providing links for fans to legally download the music. Pig Squeals really functions as a clearinghouse for deathcore, death metal, and metalcore bands who want to get their name and sound out. With 61,000 visitors in just over six months, Pig Squeals should be an attractive domain for fans and bands.

The secret is in the narrow genre focus and easily accessed operators. Those two factors makes the site easy and reliable for fans, as well as, bands looking to get their music out to potential new fans. It’s the foot in the doors that once compartmentalized scenes.

Now, if a band has sound files of a record online, they can just reach out to Pig Squeals and Breakdowns for a digital stage to share their music.

But Pig Squeals is not without judgment (though the judgment seems always to be positive, relying instead on the listener to make up his/her own mind). In the last six months, the site has “released” two compilations of some favorite music they’ve found or have been sent.

The second volume was posted December 26, features 20 different bands and, well, pig squeals and breakdowns. Listen to Volume 2 below and check out Pig Squeals and Breakdowns here.

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