THURSDAY INTERVIEW: We Are the Blog! bellows “We are wild men!”

From Facebook.

From Facebook.

Since their formation in 2009, Minnesota metal band We Are the Blog! have kept busy, surviving internal conflict and line-up changes while searching for the right combination for their brand of metal. In the last year or so they’ve been particularly busy, playing shows with bands like These Hearts, Oceano, MychildrenMybride, My Ticket Home, and The Air I Breathe, and Attila, as well as recording their 2011 EP, Decadence—which has already been rereleased for free with a new single “Shwash.” They also have a really gorgeously shot video for “H2OMG.” (If you haven’t noticed yet, the guys really have a keen sense for song names.)

Keep tabs on them in these places:

Twitter: @wearetheblog
Youtube: wearetheblog
Free download of Decadence

Catch We Are the Blog! at THE GARAGE Saturday, January 12.


THE GARAGE: Name, instrument?

John Fitzgerald: Guitar
Cody Blackwood: Drums
Collin Toner: Vocals
Andy Pritchard: Vocals
David Harms: Guitar
Sam Fassler: Bass

THE GARAGE: What’s your sound and where does it come from (influences)?

WAtB: Our sound is a blend of metalcore riffs, post-hardcore clean choruses, and semi-deathcore breakdowns/vocals. With all the bands in MN that have gotten popular in the past few years (Of Salt & Swine, After The Burial) it’s easy to see that we don’t let down MN’s reputation for technical, heavy, yet catchy music.

THE GARAGE: You’re playing with a pretty powerful lineup Saturday. What are your thoughts?

WAtB: We are always excited to share the stage with bigger names. Seeing a venue completely filled out is pretty staggering. It never hurts meeting the forerunners of our career, or having a full venue screaming the words to your songs.

THE GARAGE: What are one or two songs you’re most excited to play? Why?

WAtB: Our two favorite songs to play live are definitely “Shwash,” and “Corruptcake.” “Shwash” has the perfect amount of bounce to keep the party going, and seeing the reaction on everyone’s face when our set begins with “Corruptcake” always wets our whistle!

THE GARAGE: What’s a favorite story from one of your shows?

WAtB: By far the best story we have happened at the Choir House! There was a kid in a wheel chair completely going nuts to our music! Well, one way or another the kid in the wheel chair got flipped on his side and everyone ended up literally jumping up and down on top of him for a few seconds! Its all good though, everyone helped him up and he was still goin hard haha.

THE GARAGE: What do your practices look like?

WAtB: Haha, our practices look about the same as when your uncle has all his friends over for football. If that’s a good enough image

THE GARAGE: How does your band write songs?

WAtB: Pretty much it all starts with Cody recording a rough idea for the instrumentals. Then, the rest of the band gets time to add or take out whatever they feel doesn’t cut the mustard. Andy and Collin begin work on the vocals as soon as a final instrumental is decided and eventually it all comes together!

THE GARAGE: Besides you, what local artist deserves more attention?

WAtB: We can’t think of any other band that deserves more attention in MN than Valor Tracks. They are the definition of hard work!

THE GARAGE: What are you listening to right now?

WAtB: New The Plot In You and Bring Me The Horizon definitely bring down the house.

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