THURSDAY INTERVIEW: Infinite Signal, more serious about the music than themselves

From Facebook.

From Facebook.

Pop/punk act Infinite Signal is playing THE GARAGE twice in the next week (1/11, 1/19), with a stop at St. Paul’s Station 4 (1/12) in between. Infinite Signal began when guitarist/vocalist Eli Ollila wrote and recorded the album Words & Will by himself(!), then recruited bandmates Kelly Kent and Frank Vidmar to solidify a power trio. Already at work on a new EP, Infinite Signal has a solid Internet presence—fans can find them at their official website, Facebook, and Bandcamp pages.

The three members of Infinite Signal were happy to be interviewed ahead of their appearance in the “Punk’s Not Dead” line-up at THE GARAGE Friday, January 11.


THE GARAGE: Name, instrument?

Eli Ollila: Guitar and Vocals

Kelly Kent: Bass Guitar

Frank Vidmar: Drums

THE GARAGE: What’s your sound and where does it come from (influences)?

Eli: We’re working towards a positive powered pop/punk sound. For myself, it has roots in the pop/punk music that has always influenced me combined with the mindset of really just going out and enjoying life, and the struggle to sometimes do so.

Kelly: We’re not really pop/punk, but we kind of are. That’s the default I use when people ask what we play, but I don’t think we sound like a lot of pop/punk bands. We’re different. We all have different influences musically and when you put them together you get us.

Frank: We tend to sound like pop punk more than any other genre, but vary enough that I wouldn’t call us a strictly pop punk band.

THE GARAGE: You’re playing the PUNK’S NOT DEAD show. What keeps punk alive?

Eli: I think it’s the never-ending energy punk has always had, and will continue to have.

Kelly: The energy of the artists and the kids.

Frank: What they said.

THE GARAGE: What are one or two songs you’re most excited to play? Why?

Eli: I’m most excited to play one of our new songs, “Hey Kid”. It’s a very good representation of where we are heading as a band.

Kelly: I’d also have to say “Hey Kid”. It’s a new song, it gets the crowd moving, and it’s fun to play. “Evolve” is also a really fun one to play live for the same reasons.

Frank: Can’t choose, that’s like picking your favorite kid and all the others you hate them…but I do like “The Devil and the Sea”.

THE GARAGE: What’s a favorite story from one of your shows?

Eli: One time Frank played so hard that he threw up right after the set.

Kelly: I almost forgot about that one! We played an open mic at Pickle Park in Fridley and I decided to jump off the drum riser and somehow ended up on the floor on my back. That was pretty good.

Frank: First time we had a mosh pit!

THE GARAGE: What should the audience expect from your performance this weekend at THE GARAGE?

Eli: A ton of energy and lots of fun.

Kelly: Lots and lots of energy.

Frank: Maestro.

THE GARAGE: What do your practices look like?

Eli: We have a little 12×15 studio where we cram into. Frank plays the drums so loud that we have to crank our amps and wear earplugs to compensate. We generally run through the set for our upcoming show, and then dedicate an hour or two to writing new music and discussing future plans.

Kelly: And a lot of Mountain Dew

Frank: Very loud, like really you can see NOISE!

THE GARAGE: How does your band write songs?

Eli: I usually have a structure, lyrics, and melodies written for vocals and guitar before I bring them to Frank and Kelly. At that point they write their instruments and we collaborate to bring the song to where we consider it complete. Every once and a while Kelly or Frank will have a part they really like and then we’ll form a structure around it during the practice.

Kelly: Eli’s the boss.

Frank: Eli es el hefe pero soy maestro.

THE GARAGE: Besides you, what local artist deserves more attention?

Eli: I’d really like to see where Charlie Siren, Atlas on Strike, The Number Seven, and Attention, Whore are going.

Kelly: Agreed. They’re all really awesome people who write awesome music and put on awesome shows. They’re just awesome.

Frank: Really anyone one who has the courage to follow their dreams, and play in a band.

THE GARAGE: What are you listening to right now?

Eli: I’m currently bouncing between Tom Twyker: Cloud Atlas, and the blink-182: Dogs Eating Dogs EP.

Kelly: I’m always listening to AFI and Anti-Flag. blink-182’s “Dogs Eating Dogs EP” is pure genius.

Frank: NOFX!

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