From Facebook.

From Facebook.

Tomorrow, Wang Mango and nine other bands–including Bent Life and Built Upon a Burial–plan to set THE GARAGE on fire with grooves and breakdowns.

For Wang Mango, a funk/groove rock band from St. Paul, Friday’s show will be their first live performance. We like to think THE GARAGE with its supportive scene is a great place to break a bottle on the hull of a new sonic ship.

Wang Mango was kind enough to answer a few questions Wednesday night.

THE GARAGE recommends reading this interview to their first demo “Go To War” on Bandcamp. Be sure to come out Friday and show them–and all the other great bands–some love.

THE GARAGE: Name, instrument?

Austin: Austin, Guitar

THE GARAGE: What’s your sound and where does it come from (influences)?

Austin: We are inspired by the environment we are surrounded by every day in downtown St. Paul, the people we meet and places we go; as well as bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Primus, Rage Against The Machine, Mr. Bungle and Incubus.

THE GARAGE: What are one or two songs you play that you’re most excited about? Why?

Austin: We are excited to play our opening track, because we feel it will be the best song to get people hyped up for the rest of the show, and we feel that there will be a good response.

THE GARAGE: What’s a favorite story from one of your shows?

Austin: This will be our first show, and we have a lot planned!

THE GARAGE: What should the audience expect from your performance this weekend at THE GARAGE?

Austin: A large amount of energy.

THE GARAGE: What do your practices look like?

Austin: Mostly the 5 of us messing around with covers, working on our own songs or eating lots of food.

THE GARAGE: How does your band you write songs?

Austin: Usually, it starts with a riff or a bassline, or maybe some lyrics, and the rest of us usually have some sort of pre-conceived idea that they feel would work best with the song.

THE GARAGE: Besides you, what local artist deserves more attention?

Austin: Check out Northern and Whistle Kid.  They are school pals.

THE GARAGE: What are you listening to right now?

Austin: Nuclear Rabbit

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