THURSDAY INTERVIEW: The Broken Are Crowned gear up to thrash THE GARAGE Friday, Nov. 30

Each Thursday will feature an interview with a band playing an upcoming show at THE GARAGE. This week is The Broken Are Crowned whose release show for their debut full length To Those Who Stand Alone will be at THE GARAGE Friday, November 30.

Born in 2009 as the brainchild of Nick Stanger (guitar/vocals), Mitchell Niemeyer (guitar), and Robert Northrup (bass), The Broken Are Crowned spent the following two years solidifying their line up and forging their sound before recording and releasing their first single in April 2011. They played their first show in August of 2011 at THE GARAGE as Nick (guitar/vocals), Mitchell (drums), and Zach (bass). Zach switched to lead vocals in late 2011 and the bass was taken over by Braeden Keenan, who also contributes with clean vocals. During the last week of July and the first week of August 2012, The Broken Are Crowned recorded their debut full length album at Roosevelt Recordings in North St. Paul. The album, To Those Who Stand Alone, will be released on November 30th 2012 via Gone For Good Records. Follow them at:

THE GARAGE: Name, instrument?

Nick Stanger: I play guitar and do some vocal work as well.

Mitchell Niemeyer: I play drums for the band.

Braeden Keenan: Bass and clean vocals.

Zach Chancellor: I do lead vocals (screams).

THE GARAGE: What’s your band’s sound and where does it come from?

Nick Stanger: We play a blend of multiple different styles of Metal and Hardcore music. We all listen to a lot of different types of music and that all comes to the table when it comes to the way we play our songs. I can personally say for myself that just a few of my many current favorite bands are TesseracT, Meshuggah, Dead Letter Circus, and The HAARP Machine. I’d say some of my early influences came from bands like Shadows Fall, As I Lay Dying, Metallica, Tool, and Alice in Chains.

Mitchell Niemeyer: I feel like our sound is really just a big combination of all of our favorite bands, but in a way that’s really our own. Personally some of the bands that made me want to start playing music are bands like Motley Crue, Pantera, Iron Maiden, As I Lay Dying, and Of Mice and Men.

Zach Chancellor: Our music is unique and authentic. We throw a little bit of everything Metal in there. My biggest influences I would say are Suicide Silence, The Devil Wears Prada, Puddle of Mudd, Chelsea Grin, Alice in Chains and many others.

Braeden Keenan: We play Metal. Some of my influences come from Periphery, Deftones, Clutch, and Animals as Leaders.

THE GARAGE: It’s your CD release show. Tell us about the new album.

Nick Stanger: I can personally say that I’ve put tons of effort into it. I’m looking forward to hearing what people think of it. Some of these songs have been in the making for about two years now. A good half of the album is brand new songs that we have not played live yet until the release show. People can expect to hear a lot of diversity within the album. I personally don’t always like using names of all these subgenres that exist but I have a feeling that people will have a hard time pinning this album down to just one, and I’m proud to say that. We all listen to tons of different stuff, and don’t get me wrong I do consider us to be in the metal category, but our diverse music tastes definitely comes to play in these songs. Also for y’all guitarists out there might like to know that there are many different tunings on this album! To list all of them we play in Drop C, Drop G, Drop B, Drop F, and Drop A flat. I hope everyone who listens finds a song (or I would hope all of them) that they can come to like!

THE GARAGE: What are one or two tracks you’re really excited about. Why?

Nick Stanger: I like the songs Legions (Track 7) and This Tyrant Bleeds (Track 3) the best. Legions has a good melodic flow and many instrumental layers over it. I think it stands out on the album and showcases what we’re capable of. This Tyrant Bleeds takes a different turn for the heavier side of things. It’s very fun and energetic to play live. I like that we have the blend of both melodic and more aggressive songs as well.

Zach Chancellor: This Tyrant Bleeds for the many changes in the song and The Ol’ Setchyaup because of the variety and I got to write the lyrics for it. Also they are both very energetic to play.

Mitchell Niemeyer: The W.O.Z. Effect and This Tyrant Bleeds because I feel they show how far we have come as a band and showcase our abilities the best.

Braeden Keenan: Legions and New Found World because METAL!

THE GARAGE: What should the audience expect from your performance this weekend at THE GARAGE?

Zach Chancellor: High energy and a rage performance.

Nick Stanger: We’re going to put our all into the energy and hype of this show as we always do. We never intend to disappoint the awesome people that take their time to attend our shows. Especially one as important as this.

THE GARAGE: What do your practices look like?

Nick Stanger: Oh boy hahaha well we always work on what needs to be done but I’d say at every practice there’s at least a good hour of just screwing around and having fun together. I think that’s good for us as a band since we are all such close friends. We practice every week that we can. When it comes to being serious we usually run through our set a couple of times when we have a show coming up and give extra attention to the songs that need more work. We also talk about what we should start doing, change, and many different ideas. Like any band we’ve had our fair share of disagreements but I can’t say we’ve ever fought, we always work stuff out with each other and in the end we’re all very close friends. Also, Taco Bell.

THE GARAGE: How does your band write songs?

Nick Stanger: I write all of the guitar parts and most of the musical composition parts of the songs. Mitchell contributes composition on a few parts of some of our songs as well. I end up bringing what I’ve written to Mitchell and he writes a drum beat under it, every now and then Braeden and I have ideas for drum patterns but for the most part it’s Mitchell who comes up with his own part. When it comes to bass, Zach was our bassist a long time ago back when we were a three piece so he wrote parts in a couple of our older songs (Untitled is an example), but most of the basslines on the album were written by Braeden and I. For vocals and lyrics, those are written by Mitchell, Zach and I. Most of the rhythm and melody for vocals is contributed by whoever wrote the lyrics, and Zach, putting his own twist on them. The harsh vocals are performed by Zach (higher range) and I (mid and lower range), while clean vocals are done by Braeden. I also do the higher clean vocal harmonies on The W.O.Z. Effect and A206. All of the credits for each individual songs are also listed in the inside cover of the physical copy of the album.

THE GARAGE: Besides your own, what local band deserves more attention?

Nick Stanger: Wow this is a hard question to answer. There are so many bands that play with us all the time and we’ve grown so close to. I’ll do my best to mention a few. There’s Braeden’s other band that he drums for called Kind of Incredible, they just released their debut album this week also so I would say they deserve a listen. Our pals in Virginia Deals for opening for and with us all the time (they are an opening band for us at the release show), I’ve been good friends with a lot of the members of Every Man A King, and I would just say any band that has ever played with us. The local music scene certainly is not dead. I can also say from personal experience that THE GARAGE helps out all of these small bands and is a great place to play, this venue has definitely helped keep the local Hardcore scene alive. I can’t say we would be as far as we are if it weren’t for the place.

Zach Chancellor: Sons of Levi, Kind of Incredible, Virginia Deals, and Every Man A King.

THE GARAGE: What are you listening to right now?

Nick Stanger: Well at this moment as I fill this out I am listening to the song Dancers to a Discordant System by Meshuggah. But I have been really into a prog rock-ish band from Australia called Dead Letter Circus. Another band I’ve been enjoying a lot is called The HAARP Machine from the UK who released their debut album just over a month ago on Sumerian Records. Of course there’s also my favorite band TesseracT who is working on their second album so I am getting very excited for that.

Zach Chancellor: Deftones, Dr. Acuala, Attila, Whitechapel, Eminem, and others.

Mitchell Niemeyer: Some of the bands I’ve been listening to lately are bands like Memphis May Fire, Asking Alexandria, Veil of Maya, Whitechapel, Meshuggah, and a whole bunch of others.

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