The Right Way to Book a Show | 5 Simple Tips

This weekend the GARAGE is proud to host two awesome shows featuring some great Minnesota bands!

Friday night is a pop/punk/post-hardcore show featuring 12 Majestic Lies, Eyes Like, Tides, The Way Away and MORE.  Check out the Facebook Event for more details.

Saturday night is a rock show featuring Kind of Incredible, Maffick, Vessel for Tomorrow and MORE.  Check out the Facebook Event for more details.


The Right Way to Book a Show | 5 Simple Tips

Face it, there are literally MILLIONS of bands in the world.  Millions.  Imagine just for once how many different bands are trying to play shows, meet people, and “make-it” in the music industry.  Band’s of today have an amazing tool at their fingertips which allows them to network and make connections with fellow music fanatics all over the world.  The internet can open doors, and in some cases make your career, but with all things it can be misused.  This blog posting will give you tips on how to navigate the booking process and be successful at getting your band on a show!


#1 – Be polite. 

There is another human being on the other end of that email and a little kindness can go a long wayBooking agents spend their entire work day on email responding and organizing emails from bands, so if you actually acknowledge them as people it will make your correspondence a little more pleasant.  Since they are employees of the venue, and usually have authority, they can even hook things up from time to time.  Don’t be a jerk as they are music fans and they are trying to help you perform!


#2 – Use spell check.

This isn’t Twitter people.


#3 – Include a link and description of your band!

Make your band appealing and don’t make it hard for the agent to check you out online!  Remember there are a LOT of bands out there so make your band look good and easy to find.


#4 – Don’t lie. 


#5 – Reply to emails.

Nothing can be more frustrating to an agent than a band who reaches out with interest in booking a show but then never responds.  Get back to the agent so they can move on with the show and get other bands on the bill.  Assign someone in your band, or find an outside person, to monitor your messaging services and get back to people.  Facebook, Twitter, and email accounts require constant attention and you never know what opportunities can be sitting in your inbox.


Always put your best foot forward and act like a human being.  Word can travel quickly in the music scene, especially with social media, and your reputation can change in an instant.  Booking agents, promoters, and managers all talk to each other about things going on in the industry.  You don’t want your band to be “black listed” as the difficult ones who complain and are impossible to work with.  Plus you never know where those people could end up someday……….

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