• What’s Poppin? (January 2017)

    By Lucien O’Brien Welcome to “What’s Poppin?”, a monthly segment where I’ll be going over the latest releases in popular music, short-form style.   Dumbfoundead: Rocket Man EP (BORN CTZN) Who would’ve thought a guy who came up through battle [...]
  • How We Can Fix Live Hip-Hop

    By Lucien O’Brien MCs rapping over their own vocals sucks. Pretty much anyone who’s been to a few rap shows has experienced the disappointment of shelling out their hard earned cash to see an artist they love, only to have that artist show up, plug a [...]
  • The Best Albums of 2017

    By GMN Staff 2017 was a lot of things—good and bad. Fortunately, from both good and bad things, beauty manages to still grow. Here are the best albums of 2017 according to Garage Music News.   Richard Dawson – Peasant Lucien O’Brien In his [...]
  • GMN Holiday Playlist 2017

    One of the best parts of the holiday season, for me at least, is the music. Generally, it’s good stuff. The classics are classics for a reason. However, it’s easy to become a bit sick of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” after hearing [...]

The Best of GMN 2016–2017

by Staff Here at the end of another semester, we at Garage Music News pick our favorites of the more than 130 essays, reviews, and photos from the past year. From basements to Basement, GMN‘s second year as a youth-run music magazine brought a field of sweaty emo kids at Warped Tour, [...]

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